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The Ancient Greeks - A Differentiated, Collaborative, Technology Project!



         Sixth Graders participate in a cross-curricular Ancient Greece Social Studies project that blends Art, technology, Library, and Literature. In Social Studies Class, the learning management system Haiku facilitates the flipped classroom with teacher-created Keynote presentations and videos supplementing and preteaching classroom face-to-face information.

          In the Library, with individual, tiered, and topic-specific GoogleDoc graphic organizers on iPads to complete, learners use print sources and databases to research individual Ancient Greek topics and cite sources with NoodleTools. Each student uses information gleaned from research to create a R.A.F.T., a differentiated instruction tool in which students reprocess information by assuming another "Role," "Audience," and "Format,"  with their "Topic." Individual R.A.F.T.s are shared with classmates via VoiceThread.

         Simultaneously, students read and study Greek myths in Literature Class and, based on a classic myth, create a modern myth with Wixie, an online storytelling tool. In Art Class, each student designs and makes an Ancient Greek theater mask individually molded to her face.  These masks are worn at the culmination of the project, a Greek Festival for parents and grandparents, with each toga-garbed student participating in one of three Ancient Greek plays: The Trojan Horse, Jason and the Golden Fleece, and Pandora‚Äôs Box. Various class members provide accompanying instrumental music. Between plays, three student-created modern myths (Wixie) are shown on a large screen in the theater. At the end of the performances, audience and performers enjoy a buffet of Greek foods.


Penny Bower, Librarian: pbower@stmarysschool.org, Skype: penny.bower4, Twitter: @pbower4; Elizabeth Garat, Art Teacher: egarat@stmarysschool.org, Skype: elizabethgarat; Jenny Stenberg, Literature Teacher: jstenberg@stmarysschool.org; Liz Davis, Social Studies & Drama Teacher: ldavis@stmarysschool.org

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